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⏩ Every day, volunteers and employees of the Kharkov Legal Group (CPG) help those who need a provider without taking a penny. But here’s the financial help on consumables, in the preparation of documents, equipment, rides around the cities we can catalogually lack, it connects our hands and our capabilities.
⏩ Single We urge you not to stay away, support us Financially who can.
⏩ Help maybe each, making a charitable translation of Curator of the Kharkiv Legal Group (CPG) Andrei Didenko
➡ Map MONOBANK: 4441 1144 1129 0644
Your help is a public charity collection, collecting targeted assistance in the form of funds for legal assistance, who suffered and may suffer from a court arbitrariness.

♥♥♥ Connect those who can help, and those who are in dire need of support. Help us as very easily using one form online payments on our website

✔️ Support together those who help less.

• For more information, please contact Andrei Didenko – Coordinator of the programs of the Kharkov Human Rights Group
☎☎☎ +380 93 985 25 74

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+380 93 985 25 74
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