Stories of Convicts

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Yaroslav Mysiak

After a terrible tragedy – the murder of relatives: grandparents and uncle, – pastor of the Christian Church was sentenced to death without any proofs of his guilt.

Alexander Rafalskyi

Accused of killing five people without proof of guilt. He didn’t live to the reviewing of the verdict and died on October 20, 2016 in the Lukyanovka pretrial detention center. Viacheslav Baranovskyi is only one of the four people involved in the case, who is alive now.

Vladimir Panasenko

The former businessman was sentenced to life imprisonment on trumped-up charges. Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Nina Karpachova called the verdict a business showdown.

Maksim Orlov

Life sentence without proof of his guilt. The accusation is based on the testimony of a 14-year-old boy, that were given under duress without the participation of a lawyer.

Viacheslav Polishko

Sentenced to life for the sins of his brother.

Stanislav Levenets

The world and European champion could not stand the torture and wrote a statement accusing him of committing a crime in which he wasn’t involved.

Merab Suslov

In 2009, the co-owner of the 4ROOM furniture hypermarket and two guards were shot dead at the hypermarket. Merab Suslov was accused of commiting those murders. In 2010, he was arrested in Russia, deprived of Russian citizenship and extradited to Ukraine.

Oleksandr Oshchepkov

In 1999, Oleksandr Oshchepkov was sentenced to capital punishment, which was later replaced with life imprisonment, on the basis of full confession he had made under tortures. He has been servicing his sentence for about 20 years already.

Ihor Vovkodav

In 2000, Ihov Vovkodav was found guilty of plotting to kill two people and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Two his acquaintances were also sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of owners of an apartment in Kyiv.

Ivan Pokotilo

Due to criminal clashes in the nineties, a successful businessman was left without a business, sentenced to death.

Alexander Bakhmach

Torture, ill-treatment, fabrication of case materials with a sentence of life imprisonment

Idibek Zaripov, Rashidbek Isakov

A Crimean Tatar, under torture, accused himself and another person of committing a murder in Sevastopol, which they had never been to before. It is impossible to get case materials from the Crimea.