Ivan Pokotilo

It is well known that in the mid-nineties of the last century a lot of crime was committed in Ukraine. At the same time, in the Khmelnitsky region (Ukraine), 5 people were brutally
murdered. This event was seen as a war between criminal groups. Citizens of Lithuania and Dagestan took part in this crime.

Ivan Pokotilo – he was sentenced to death, and now is serving a sentence of life imprisonment. Ivan Pokotilo was accused of ordering the killing of five people, as well as of providing weapons to the perpetrators of this crime. Ivan Pokotilo claims that he did not commit the crime against him. Ivan also claims that the criminal case file does not contain any evidence of his guilt.

Moreover, the materials of this criminal case do contain evidence of a crime committed by police officers who falsified evidence of the alleged guilt of Ivan Pokatilo. In order to force Ivan to plead himself guilty to a crime he did not commit, police officers kept him in an unknown room in which he was tortured. Unable to achieve the desired result,  police continued to torture Ivan in a temporary arrest cell, torture lasted about a month and a half. The indictment alleges that Ivan Pokotilo was directly involved in the commission of the crime, and at the same time, Ivan is accused of having hired criminals to commit the crime – such a contradiction did not raise any doubts about the  adequacy of the charges against Ivan.

Oleksandr Biloshkursky – this is lawyer Ivan Pokotilo – claims that the evidence of the guilt of his client is based on the testimonies of the victims and witnesses who live in Latvia – these witnesses from Latvia were not even summoned to court. Currently, four criminal cases have been instituted on the fact that Ivan was tortured by police officers, as well as on the fact that police officers fabricated evidence of guilt against him.