Life sentence for a crime somebody else admitted to

 Justice for Ukraine!

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This information is for all caring people for whom the concept of justice is of value. There is God’s justice and there is earthly justice. And without the fear of God it is impossible to achieve justice on earth. Power on earth was set by God only in order to encourage good and punish evil. The judiciary is one of the fundamental components of the state. For more than seventy years, lawlessness and totalitarian, communist, bloody and punitive power flourished in Ukraine.

The concept of justice was so perverted that people during the Soviet regime forgot what a fair trial was. The Soviet government destroyed and persecuted Christians, destroyed the buildings of Christian meetings. The power of the atheists and justice are incompatible things.

Ukraine gained independence almost thirty years ago, but the spirit of the punitive, totalitarian Soviet regime still remains in this country. According to official figures, Ukraine has less than one percent of acquittals in criminal cases, while in the countries of central Europe, the United States, this percentage ranges from 15 to 30 percent.

The legacy of a punitive secular regime is directly reflected in specific people. This is a group of about a thousand persons sentenced to life in accordance not with modern practices but with the Soviet procedural legislation as last amended in 1961. These people were sentenced to capital punishment by old Soviet standards and have had no opportunity to have their sentences or the practices that determined their guilt reviewed.

Some of them have substantial evidence of their innocence and are forced to serve a life sentence without a single chance to be released or to have a new trial or revision which may result in an acquittal.

Ukrainian human rights activists name dozens of persons who have been sentenced to life imprisonment without any right or possibility to obtain a review the sentence.

You can find out about these stories on the Fight for Life website in three languages:

One of the most obvious lawlessness on the part of the authorities is the story of the youth pastor Yaroslav Mysyak, who was sentenced to death back in 1998 under this Soviet process, and has been serving a life sentence for the twenty-third year already for a crime that he did not commit; all without a chance to be released, and without the opportunity to receive a new trial which would likely result in an acquittal.

For the last ten years in Ukraine following the change in government, there has not been a single legal opportunity to exercise the right to a fair trial for life-sentenced prisoners who were convicted only by the absence of modern legal procedure.

The Ukrainian Parliament has registered and is considering a #Bill № 3078, which will allow the revision of sentences convicted for life on dubious sentences. Only the Ukrainian authorities, the Parliament, and the President are not interested in adopting legislative initiatives. Because in Ukrainian reality, repentance is not accepted for the mistakes of the past punitive totalitarian Soviet communist regime. 

Since our team protects specific people, we are forced to collect support from the whole world for Yaroslav Mysyak and other life-sentenced prisoners without a single chance for a fair trial.

In the US legal system, we see examples of acquittals twenty and thirty years after a court verdict was passed, because the US judicial system has a review procedure, unlike Ukraine.

We are collecting donations for our project for the implementation in Ukraine of acquittals and justice for those sentenced to life imprisonment on dubious sentences handed down during the Soviet past.

Your contribution can benefit people, life-sentenced prisoners who have already lost hope, as well as God!