Isakov Rashidbek

Isakov Rashidbek Ibragimovich – he was born in 1959, his mother is Tatar, his father is an Uzbek. Isakov lived in Crimea. On the 5th of fall in 2002, masked armed men burst into the Isakov family’s house – they were police officers of the city of Sevastopol.

Police officers arrested Isakov and charged with a murder of a Roma family: a man, a woman and their five-year-old daughter. Police officers brought Isakov to Sevastopol, and for several days they tortured Isakov so that he would admit himself quilty of crime, which he did not commit. Having received a confession from Isakov, the police officers stopped to torture Isakov.

After the torture stopped, Isakov made a statement that he had never been to the city of Sevastopol (this is the city in which the crime was committed), and therefore Isakov could not physically commit the crime that he was charged with. In addition to pleading himself guilty, police officers forced Isakov to accuse another innocent person – a citizen of Tajikistan, Zaripov Idibek Halimovich, born in 1968. Both Isakov and Idibek – they were sentenced to life imprisonment. Zaripov is serving a sentence in a penal colony called the “Monastery of Suffering”.

One more difficulty associated with this case: in order to review this criminal case, it requires documents that cannot be obtained from the Crimea because of its annexation, says Isakova’s lawyer, Alexey Ignatenko.