Stanislav Levenets

Two-time world mixed martial arts champion (Bushido Tokyo, Japan, 2005, and MMA Berlin, Germany, 2007). Multiple champion of Europe and Ukraine, champion and winner of international and intercontinental mixed martial arts and wrestling (freestyle wrestling and sambo) tournaments. Stanislav Levenets was sentenced to life imprisonment for double murder.

In 2009, the officers of the Kominternivsky district police department of Kharkiv city detained Stanislav Levenets and charged him with assault related to robbery which was later re-qualified into brigandage. In fact, that crime was not committed. The police officers suggested that Levenets paid them USD 50,000 to close the case. When he refused, they started to force him to confess to a crime he had not committed.

Stanislav Levenets was being beaten and tortured, including by using the electric current. When he was already exhausted and felt they might kill him, he was forced to make a full confession to the crime he had not committed.

The case files were forged. For example, the police officers dumped a corpse of a burnt person, whom nobody, except for policemen, had seen, saying Levenets allegedly had burnt that person in a pit. A woman aged 35-45, as stated in an expert examination, somehow became an old 65-years-old woman (the age of the killed person).

The will power and strength of mind helped Stanislav Levenets to keep the lust for life and development. Despite being sentenced to undeserved life imprisonment, he has become a writer and continues to struggle for restoration of justice. April 2015, Stanislav Levenets presented the first book of his trilogy “Age of Aquarius. The Code of the Ancients.”