Maksym Orlov

Maksym Orlov was sentenced to life imprisonment when he was 21 years old. He and 14-year-old Oleksandr Kozlov were accused of double murder and robbery of old couple. The old people were robbed of a bole of spirits, 60 hryvnias and an old mobile phone. The day before, Oleksandr Kozlov and his mother were helping the old couple in their kitchen garden. The police forced the boy to admit he had killed the old people and to give testimony than Maksym Kozlov had been involved in the crime.

There is no evidence in this case. The fingerprints of the defendants were not revealed in the house of the old couple. The video recording with testimony of the boys was somehow erased. The traces of blood were not left.

The charge is based EXCLUSIVELY on testimony of MINOR Oleksandr Kozlov, obtained AS A RESULT OF TORTURES and TO THE EXCLUSION OF LAWYER. The charge was brought despite the fact that, pursuant to the law, if a person is accused of coming a crime and the penal part of the article provides for the life sentence – the partition of a lawyer is mandatory even for an adult person. The “honest confessions” of boys are the only proofs of guilt in the case files.

Despite numerous discrepancies in the testimony of the defendant, Maksym Orlov was sentenced to life imprisonment and Oleksandr Kozlov was sentenced to 12 years in prison.