Ihor Vovkodav

In 2000, Ihov Vovkodav was found guilty of plotting to kill two people and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Two his acquaintances were also sentenced to life imprisonment for murder of owners of an apartment in Kyiv. However, as stated in the expert examination, which was conducted by an independent forensic expert two years ago, the remains of the killed person had been examined by the court.

An investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office of Kyiv city gave two different skulls, which obviously could not belong to one and the same person, for the expert examination which was then conducted twice. It was difficult to puzzle out the case involving the real estate scammers. So, Ihor Vovkodav, who had been working as a driver, was presented as the crime plotier because he allegedly “had been dividing money for the sold apartments”…

Moreover, Ihov Vovkodav was tortured, in particular, beaten on his heels. He was not aware of the charges brought against him to the last. The lawyers affirm that the case was trumped-up and the case files testify to doubtful conclusions of the court. The judgment raises reasonable doubt about its fairness.